What is Activity Stream?

Activity Stream

Some Basic Usage So Far

  • ~3.4 Million new tabs
  • ~0.7 Million events (clicks, bookmark, search, load more, block, delete)
  • ~34,000 distinct users who opened at least 1 new tab
  • ~26,000 distinct users who interacted with activity stream at least once

Monthly, Weekly, Daily Active Users

Distribution of Event Types

WHOA, Those Clicks, Tho!

When Are All These Events Happening?

How Long Are People Spending on the Page?

When Are People Spending More Time on the Page?

BUT WAIT! Those active weekend users tho!

What Are People Really Doing on Weekends?

How Are People Starting Sessions?

Sooooo… are people coming back??

Weekly Retention

Thank You!


See the dataz: http://emtwo.github.io

Ask for moar dataz: https://github.com/emtwo/emtwo.github.io